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Unforgettable Moments: A Recap of the International Circus Festival Elefant d'Or 11th Edition 2023

Updated: Feb 10

International Circus Festival Girona Elefant d'Or is ranked among the top 5 international circus festivals in the world and has truly become the largest circus event in Europe.

The Medieval City of Catalonia Girona has served as the venue for past 11 editions and is set to once again host the highly anticipated International Circus Festival Elefant d'Or.

© 2023 Natia Tutisani

This year's edition of Festival Elefant D'or will feature 70 artists from 15 different countries. With 24 never-before-seen attractions in Europe, upcoming 12th edition of the festival sets a new record for participating countries.

Undoubtedly, the 12th edition of the International Circus Festival is brimming with excitement. Nevertheless, we extend a warm invitation to you to immerse yourself in our visual narrative, where you can relish the unforgettable moments from the 11th edition.

© 2023 Natia Tutisani

Moreover, we grant you the privilege of perusing through a series of photographs showcasing the mesmerizing gala awards ceremony of the 'elefant d'or' international circus festival from the previous year. Immerse yourself in the sheer delight of the happiest moments and the crowning glory of the unforgettable 11th eddition.

© 2023 Natia Tutisani

The photographs displayed the appearance of the mentioned artists :

Jan & Carolina Acrobatic rola rola, Caio Stevanovich Juggling, Hermanos Segura Ikarian Games, Ximena Riveros Aerial Pole, Lei Chen Hand balancing, Hermanos Rodríguez Ikarian Games, Korotin & Makiyev Hand to hand, Sabrina Aganier Aerial ring, The Flyers Valencia Double Wheel of Death, The Flying Caballero Flying trapeze, Duo Disar Aerial straps, Luca Flores Aerial rope, Triple Breath Highwire, Mat & Mym roller skating, Argendance Company Malambo, L/S Brothers Diabolo, Flying Lucky Hell Aerial sword swallowing, Natalia & Hleb Aerial ring, Duo Wizzards Quick change, Tumpy Clown, Vertex Hand voltige, Duo Marruffo Hand to Hand, Clown Bubi Comedy act, Sophelia Skye Contortion, Dezhou Acrobatic Troupe Diabolo, Dezhou Acrobatic Troupe Hoop diving, Paris Circus Orchestra Orchestra, Genís Matabosch Ringmaster.

We would like to bring to your attention that the unauthorized duplication of photos is strictly prohibited. Should you have any interest in buying photo packs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to assist you.


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