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A Showcase of Kazakh Culture: The Kazakh State Circus - Traditions on Stage

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

A special place for circus art exists in the rich cultural heritage of the Kazakh people. In the iconography of independent Kazakhstan, open wings of an eagle soaring in the blue sky, reaching towards the sun, and a horse competing with the wind are all representations of the nomadic people and Kazakh circus art.

© 2023 Natia Tutissani

Under the direction of People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR Gulzhikhan Galieva, the Kazakh State Circus established a professional national art collective in 1970. At the Saratov Circus venue, the first graduates of the variety and circus studio presented their first national programme, "Medeo". On July 24, 1970, this performance became the historical birthdate of Kazakh national circus art.

The national customs of horseback riding and stunts have been maintained and developed by the Kazakh State Circus.

© 2023 Natia Tutissani

The Kazakh State Circus visited the Tbilisi Circus in Tbilisi, Georgia, in November of 2023.

their unique capacity will be demonstrated once more in December at the Tbilisi Circus.

© 2023 Natia Tutissani

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