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Welcome 2024 with "The Magic Kingdom" - A Dazzling Performance at Tbilisi Circus

Mark your calendars for December 23 onwards, as the Tbilisi Circus invites you to embark on a grand New Year journey into the enchanting "Magic Kingdom". In this captivating tale, the protagonist, initially skeptical about the magic of Christmas and New Year, remains solely focused on the world of business and contracts.

© 2023 Natia Tutisani

However, on the eve of New Year's, a magical encounter awaits, setting the stage for a breathtaking adventure. Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional skills of artists from Europe and Kazakhstan.

It is crucial to emphasize that no animals were subjected to harm!

© 2023 Natia Tutisani

Expect to see a greater number of photos added in the upcoming days.

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